Three things are true about the future of work

AI & Technology will play an ever increasing role, constant learning will be necessary, and a strong network will remain important.

We are here to help high school students stay ahead on these three domains by producing digital and physical products to earn their clubs money and build a resume that makes them more competitive for university and to succeed in the real world of work.

See Projects & Events for more details on additional potential activities your club can take on

Future of Work Financial Strategy

Our goal is to create a community that gives back to itself. This is through the design of having your clubs share the findings with your campus community, but also in selling the products you make, money earned through the website, social media channels, or other services, our financial strategy breakdown is below. The clubs will earn 50% of digital product sales and 50% of all company earnings will be given to club budgets. The 40% of reinvestment is for giveaways, any promotional materials clubs need for recruitment, and for the ultimate goal of offering select clubs and students access to the annual Future of Work Club retreat in Greece. The 10% administration costs is for the time and effort of the Future of Work Team.