Future of Work Club Trainings

We will be offering free trainings on all aspects of our work. Here is what you can expect:

Product Creation

Event Organization

Full Reports 

“How to Create & Sell E-Books and Digital Products”

“Breaking Down the Future of Work Club Full Report Template”

“Outreach email templates and question lists”

Guest Speakers & Industry Experts 

“Outreach email templates and question lists” 

“The EMBOK Methodology/Six Sigma/Agile Event Management/PRINCE@/Lean Event Management”

Social Media Master Lists 

“Breaking Down the Future of Work Social Media Master Lists Template”

Data Visualization

“How to create compelling data visualization and how to tell stories through data”

Projects from Full Reports 

“How to create a newsletter”

“How to create infographics”

“How to create and host a webinar””

“How to start a podcast”

“How to create compelling slideshows”

“How to create a workbook”

“How to create swipe files”

Teacher Collaboration

“Question lists and lesson planning templates”

Social Media Takeovers

“Best practices for all major social media channels”

Resource Gallery Walk 

“Digital and physical tools and best practices for an unforgettable resource gallery walk experience”